Our Mission

To provide our Customers with a reliable, state-of-the-art, competitive, single source manufacturing facility for their aluminum casting needs that exceeds their specifications.

To provide our Employees with a safe, clean working environment along with the necessary tools, organization, training and leadership to efficiently accomplish their task.

To provide our Suppliers with efficient and reliable communications for our material and equipment needs.

To provide our Community, through our company and employees, a high example of community service and a working philosophy of responsibility.

To provide our Stockholders with an excellent capital and asset structure that enhances their shareholder value.

In pursing our mission,
we will live by the following values

We will invest in the necessary capital improvements and technologies vital for continuous growth, service and competitiveness. We will continue our involvement in aluminum research, employee training and our commitment to innovation. We will build the highest integrity and trustworthy long term customer relationships. We will be a valued customer to our suppliers, treating them fairly and with respect.

We are committed to competitive, performance based compensation, benefits, training and personal growth. We value innovation, employee involvement, change and personal mobility. We are committed to providing a successful process controlled, growing business for future generations.

We will be a good citizen and comply with applicable laws and regulations at all government levels. We will contribute to the community and address social issues responsibly. We will conserve natural resources and invest in a better environment.

We believe that our commitment to this vision, mission and values will enable our company to continue DOING IT RIGHT for the benefit of our customers, employees, suppliers, community and stockholders.